Managing to Live: BPD & the 12 Steps, Part 1

The following explores concepts that I've found helpful for my own recovery. They are partly based on research and observations and partly on a more creative process. I offer them not as conclusions but as the beginning of a conversation. It occurred to me years ago when I was in training to become a nurse … Continue reading Managing to Live: BPD & the 12 Steps, Part 1


The consequences

Dear M, I'm going to say some things I cannot say to you directly tonight. It would drive a wedge between us, and I'm not certain how much more of that we can take. I am pretty sure you are drinking tonight. You have expressed your frustration with and contempt for "program dogma" in AA … Continue reading The consequences

Sexual Sobriety, Defined

So, as it turns out, in Sex Addicts Anonymous, each individual defines sexual sobriety for him/herself. After some reflection, I think this is my formulation: Abstinence from "pay for play" relationships (sex workers of all types) Abstinence from pornography Caution with sexual relationships: Commitment is best, to form a container for the emotional energy involved. … Continue reading Sexual Sobriety, Defined